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Ashland, Oregon

Community Support

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We are your #1 Fan and support our local businesses, school & sport teams! We appreciate your local support and that means a lot to our staff at El Paraiso in Ashland, Oregon.

Ashland Chamber of Commerce

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El Paraiso is an active member of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, and is involved not only with other businesses and organizations, but strongly involved with the community of Ashland and the rest of Southern Oregon.

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Southern Oregon University Raiders

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As with any good sports team, pride and determination are key. In order to reach victory, and score the winning goal, encouragement is a necessary asset. El Paraiso has great pride in our local sports teams, and help support them with sponsorships to help them win the gold.

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Ashland High School

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Education is a necessary part of human growth, and through a business partnership with the Ashland High School alumni, El Paraiso encourages the education of our local students. Ashland High School, being one of the leading schools in our nation, has a lot to offer it's students, and it's students' have a lot to offer to our community.

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Caldera Brewing Company

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A bold community needs a bold ale. Caldera Brewing Company offers such drinks, and are avaialable on our menu. After 2 years of a solid relationship, we serve only Caldera's finest drinks.

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Ashland Shakespeare Festival

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The Tony Award-winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) is among the oldest and largest professional non-profit theatres in the nation.

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